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My Magpie Report

 Here is my magpie report on the animal I chose.
I hope you like it. :-)
                       My Magpie Report
The magpie is not a native bird to New Zealand  it is a black and white bird and this Australian bird was  introduced to New Zealand by the European settlers and has spread now to most parts of the country. The magpie is a cool black and white  bird they are also a great bird to New Zealand

The magpie is a black and white bird and has black and white markings and a  long wedge-shaped tail.  and it is an Australian bird that got introduced to NZ.

The magpies predators in Britain are Squirrels,cats and foxes
but they don't really have any here in NZ as such.

The magpies habitat is open woodland grasslands and savannas.

Main pray
Fruit, nuts,seeds & insects
Favorite food

clutch size 3

Skin type  

The magpie isn't native to NZ. The magpie is from Australia and was brought to NZ. It is black and white with a wedge- shaped tail. It is also a black and white bird with feathers.

40cm - 46cm
52cm - 60cm
200g - 250g

Here is some great photos of a magpie in real life that my mum took in Napier.

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Monday, 8 July 2013

My Camp Reflection

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was to learn lots of things and have cool experiences.  As well as being able to complete the challenges & most of all !!!!!!HAVE FUN!!!!!!.

I achieved this because I worked hard and complete all of the challenges
and I had fun the whole time.

Something I was pleased with was being able to have such a great experience  and doing everything well in everything I did because whenever I did something I was always doing my best and being really proud of myself and getting things done.  
I really enjoyed learning because when we went to the kiwi place and saw the kiwi it was making a clicking noise with its beak. So the lady said that it makes the clicking noise because it is angry. And I didn't know that. And I also learnt lots lots lots more. That was a really interesting fact about the Kiwi.
Something I found hard was doing all the walks because on every walk my legs hurt and that was really hard. I also found flipping from the top of the rope wall hard.
Something that made me think was if I should do the rope challenge or not but I did in the end. But that was a hard decision because I was really cold and Miss H said if you are cold go back to camp but it wasn't cold in the caves it was really warm.
· My top 5 favourite things about camp were:

Favourite Things.
Reason Why
1. Caving.
Because I have never been in a cave before and I saw glow worms and wetas for the first time and it was !!!AWESOME!!! FUN
2. Seeing the waterfalls.
Seeing the waterfalls is so so cool because when the water comes down it sounds so cool and it just looks so powerful.
3. Amazing Race
I enjoyed the amazing race because it was really fun when we were working as a team to win. But overall we came 2nd which is still good.
4. Confidence course
I loved the confidence course because it was really easy the whole way round the course and I really had fun.
5. Night Detectives
I enjoyed the night detectives because our group the TIGERS worked as a team and we WON!!! the riddle comp. I liked it also because Crighton scared me in the dark and that was cool. IT WAS THE BEST!!!!!!

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