Thursday, 29 August 2013

My Dead Harry Letter

In our class we read a book called dead  harry and we all
wrote a letter to ken Catran I hope you like it.
 Here is My letter that I wrote to ken Catran
                      Dead Harry

Dear Ken Catran,

A few days ago we finished a book of yours called, ‘Dead Harry’. We read a chapter a day and  made a character map as we read through the book of the old & new character. After we had read the book most of the characters. made trailers and it was really fun making them.

My favourite character in the book was Harry. Because it was really funny how he could pull his eyes out and show people when he is dead that is cool.

My favourite part was when Harry took his eyeballs out and put them into Sam’s chocolates and pencil case. Harry thought that was funny but Sam doesn't want him to do that but Harry doesn't want to stop.

Thank You for publishing a fantastic story for people to read in a great manner.

Your’s Sincerely
Nakita. H From
Parkvale school. :-)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Geo Guesser

Last Week Mr M showed us this cool as site
called Geo Geuseer and what you do is you go on 
it and it puts in a place and you have to geuseer where 
the place is. Here is my score from last week I hope you like it. :-)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My Henna Hands

Here are My Henna Hands that I made for topic I hope you like them.:-)
Henna is a dye that people put on their hands and it is a cool art that people have to represent  their culture.

                  My  Henna Hands
  1. The Mandala represents the universe because the world means  everything.
  2. The s pattern represents my friends because they are always designing new things and they like this pattern.
  3. This Pattern represents my family.
  4. And this last pattern The spiral represents The Maori koru pattern.

The Rata Tree And The Quiz ( Day 2 )

Here is my Day 3 at camp that is called the Rata tree
 and the Quiz and there are also photos of the Rata tree.I hope you like it. :-)
                          The Rata Tree  
    The Rata tree is aged from 800-1,000 years old it is 13 meters round the base of the tree. I know that because we all went around the tree with all of the girls and then all of the boys did the same holding hands. ( “Oh” and I kissed it )The rata tree is really really tall. When we were visiting the big tree some of us got to climb it and go through to the other side of the tree when we climbed it. Then we got out of the tree  and had biscuits and apples for morning tea and a lollie each. Then we went back to the vans and head back to camp.
Here are some pictures of me and the Rata tree.


The Quizz
Tonight we are having a quizz night and we will have to work with our camp groups. So then that means we have to challenge 5 camp groups and six including our team. So this is prob going to be a hard Quizz But I can do it. So here we are sitting on the sets around the table waiting for the teacher to come in the door with the sheet for the Quizz. Yayyyy!! the teacher is here and we have finally started the Quizz. And now the Quizz is nearly over and when its over we go to bed sadly. :-( But that's alright because there's always another day to come. :-)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My Timeline For "Quake Rattle And Roll

This is my timeline that I made on Timetoast for reading,
with our reading group. It is about a book called "Quake
Rattle and Roll. The book has got lots of earthquakes that people
have felt or herd about. And it also has some recordings and a picture of a drum.
I hope you like it. :-)

Friday, 9 August 2013

What Is Culture

Here is Me and Olivia's what is culture writing that we have all been learning and the drawing of it.
I hope you like it :-)
What is Culture.
Different people, different ways
of doing things and different

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Kereru Art

This is my Kereru art from the book called as Kuku slept. 
it only toke 2 days to finish! I hope you like it.

1. The Kereru Is one of New Zealand's native bird.

1. the possum is a pest to us and a predator to the Kereru.
2. their beaks are so big that they can eat one whole berrie and then they poo it out on the ground and it spreads from the rain to help the plants grow.

2. the possum is also a clever creature and they are actually quite smart.

My Earthquake Story

  Here is my earthquake story that I have finally 
finished! I hope you like it :-)   
       The Earthquake

I was just sitting down on the ground with the whole class and the teacher and we were in the middle of maths. I could start to feel the ground kind of swaying and then I looked around to see who was jumping or moving to make the room shake but there was no one there so then I looked back at the teacher and then the whole room shook like the whole classroom was on a bridge and the bridge moved. So then I went under the table and everyone else was still on the mat so that meant I was the only one that went  under a table.After that had happened the bell rung but the office ladies did a bit of a whoopsy!because they have to ring the bell and when the bell stops ringing they say “ok  its safe now you  can go outside  but they didn't do that so we just went outside. So then it was all over!
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