Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Hyperloop

The Hyperloop                                   
“Yaaaaaay” we are going in a Hyperloop in Wellington then it goes all the way to Auckland In just 40 mins thats amazing”. “Come on Nakita are you packed yet?” mum yells from in her room “yes mum i’m ready to go but before we go I have to say goodbye to louie,dosh and last of all Harry! “oh seriously! “Seriously I say to mum. “Oh Ok meet me in the car “ok I replied.So I finnally say goodbye to the cats then mum Simon and I are in the car driving to wellington and then we are going in the Hyperloop. “Are we there yet? I ask from the back seat “No mum replies but we are only 10 mins away from arriving there.

“Oh ok “yaaaay. 10 mins latter............... Woo hoo we are here now but there is one little bit of a problem because there is a massive line ahead of us to get in and it will prob take at least one hour to get to the door of the office room where you pay to get into the Hyperloop. “What a second I think the line is moving “Mum Simon come on the line is really moving i’m serious “oh sorry said Simon from behind me. Then Mum moves up too so the line is moving constantly now and there are now only  about 10 odd people in front of us left. and like 1,000 people behind. So we are lucky.”yaaay we are at the front of the line and we are now paying to get into the Hyperloop and then we will be in Auckland in seconds. “but I am really nervous, scared, worried and excited at the same time and its such a horrible feeling inside but I think I will cop just a little bit. So we are making some progress as we are moving along in the hyperloop. “This is a great experience I say to Mum it is going so fast like so fast it is going 1,220 km ( 760 miles ) An hour!

By  Nakita.H
                                               The End!!! :-)


  1. Wow what a cool Hyperloop story Nakita.
    1,220 km is pretty fast.
    Keep it up.


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