Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My Yachting & Kayaking Reflection

Here is my yachting & Kayaking reflection & my go animate to go with it I hope you like it [:-)

Reflection for Yachting & Kayaking Day 1
Something I was pleased with was completing yachting while using the tiller because that was really challenging.
I really enjoyed learning how to control the tiller and that was really fun.Because controlling the tiller was challenging because you had to turn it lots and lots and especially going into sure was harder because you had to turn it left and right constantly until you got to  sure.                  

Something I found hard was getting Emma to pull the mainsheet rope and calming her down because she was scared and wanted her mum and i found that really hard.
I also found controlling the tiller like i said earlier.

Something that made me think was how to tell Tracey what do when we were  about capsize because I couldn't remember what way to pull the main sheet rope.
Something I want to get better at is knowing how to use the tiller and remembering our to do the main sheet rope and I also need to work on getting scared because you don't need to get scared you are fine and you are safe           
(What can I do about it?)
I can work harder on it and then I will get it right.

My Yachting and Kayaking Reflection by Nakita Hildreth on GoAnimate

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