Thursday, 29 August 2013

My Dead Harry Letter

In our class we read a book called dead  harry and we all
wrote a letter to ken Catran I hope you like it.
 Here is My letter that I wrote to ken Catran
                      Dead Harry

Dear Ken Catran,

A few days ago we finished a book of yours called, ‘Dead Harry’. We read a chapter a day and  made a character map as we read through the book of the old & new character. After we had read the book most of the characters. made trailers and it was really fun making them.

My favourite character in the book was Harry. Because it was really funny how he could pull his eyes out and show people when he is dead that is cool.

My favourite part was when Harry took his eyeballs out and put them into Sam’s chocolates and pencil case. Harry thought that was funny but Sam doesn't want him to do that but Harry doesn't want to stop.

Thank You for publishing a fantastic story for people to read in a great manner.

Your’s Sincerely
Nakita. H From
Parkvale school. :-)

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