Friday, 10 May 2013

My Rock Climbing Prezi

Rock Climbing at Karamu High School  

Our leaders were Daisy & TP !
Something I found challenging was......
learning to be the belay down the bottom.Because being the belay is very confusing because you have to learn all of the hand actions you had to learn 5 actions  all in a row and then do it again and again.

Something I was proud of was...
That I made it to the  very top 2 in a row I got up in around
about 30 seconds or more.

Something I found Fun was.....
Being chosen to go and having a nice time and everyone was being good.

Something I learnt was.....
How to be a belay and learning all of the hand actions and the
leaders names. As Well as all the parts to the harness.

And there was also a teacher named Mr  Ross and he was very funny
and nice to talk to. And it all went well !

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